Il Cavallino Matto is Tuscany’s biggest amusement park and the greenest, most eco-friendly park in Central Italy. Set amidst nature, it stretches across an area of 100 thousand square metres in the pine forest of Marina di Castagneto Carducci.
At Il Cavallino Matto, visitors can learn while they’re having fun! Lots of educational projects for children of different ages, created to help them discover the nature of the pine forest, the mysteries of the ancient dinosaurs and road safety too.

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Progetto Jurassic River

Jurassic River

Novità 2019


The Park has an important Educational Area, visited by many schools every year.
The projects are designed and put together in collaboration with teachers and scientific advisors, and are aimed at nursery, primary and secondary schools.
In 2018, Il Cavallino Matto opened a large educational area, the Jurassic River School, in the middle of the forest, where you can admire life-size dinosaurs. This new area of the park is home to Jurassic River, a river ride with exciting waterfalls, on large floating logs, surrounded by the big animals that lived in prehistoric times.

In the Jurassic River School educational project, Professor Dino, a big dinosaur wearing a jacket and glasses, talks to the children about the most extraordinary prehistoric animals of all time, about the period they lived in, who they were, what they ate and where they lived. There are 13 life-size dinosaurs, including the Brontosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex, brought to life by animatronic technologies, with attention to even the tiniest details. Visitors will also come across skeletons of the great T-Rex and Raptor, gaining an understanding of the anatomical structure of the dinosaurs. They can also admire the large dinosaur footprint and the fossil egg and feel what it’s like to work as real palaeontologists in the excavation area dedicated to discovering dinosaur bones and skeletons.


There are two more projects in the education area:

Green Park Experience, which represents an opportunity for children of different ages to live, learn about and respect the forest ecosystem.
“Bosco dei Sensi” (The Wood of Senses) is the itinerary designed for the pupils of nursery and primary schools, during which the children will learn to use all their senses to learn about nature, while “Divertirsi con le Piante” (Having Fun with Plants) is the project aimed at the pupils of primary and secondary schools, offering them the opportunity to develop more complex projects to learn about the environment.

Road Safety Education is the title of the third project aimed at nursery and primary school children, which teaches the basic rules of road safety. After a short theory lesson, the children will take part in a “driving lesson” held by the Park’s policeman, getting into a voice-controlled mini car and driving through an area equipped with special signs and signals.

Progetto Natura

Educazione Stradale

Progetto Educazione Stradale


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